Doglorious Guide to Different Dog Carriers

Doglorious Guide To Different Dog Carriers

As a dog owner, we all want to keep our furry friends safe and comfortable during any outing or travel. Dog bags are an doglorious solution to keep your dog secure and make transportation more convenient. In this post, we’re going to discuss several types of dog bags and their unique features to help you choose the best one for your dog’s needs.
Trust me, once you have it, there is no going back.
Lets dig in.

Backpack Carriers

Backpack carriers are a popular option for dog owners who want to stay hands-free while carrying their dog. These carriers come in different sizes and styles that can accommodate any dog breed. The backpack design evenly distributes the weight of your dog on your back, making walking or hiking more comfortable for both of you.

Doggo does not seem happy about it :)

One of the key benefits of backpack carriers is that they provide an excellent view for dogs. Dogs love to explore their surroundings, and with a backpack carrier, they can enjoy all of it while staying safe and secure.

Keep in mind that backpack should be used moderately, 30 minutes to an hour at a time, with breaks between.
Monitor your dog’s reactions as well. If he is panting or trying to escape, there is almost certainly discomfort or distress.

Backpack carriers come in handy in many situations, especially when traveling. You can take your dog with you on a flight, a train journey, or even on a bike ride.
Sometimes you are just in a hurry and don’t have time for his explorations, but you still want your companion with you.
Some backpack carriers even come with additional pockets that allow you to carry your essentials, such as water and food bowls, treats, and toys.


Slings are another type of dog carrier that has become increasingly popular among dog owners.
These carriers are designed to carry small dogs or puppies between
8-15 pounds (3.5 – 7 kg).
You can go heavier, if you can take it of course :).
The sling-style carrier sits comfortably on your shoulder, and your dog sits inside it, snuggled against your chest.

Sling carrier for small dogs

 Dog slings allow you to carry your pup close to your body,   making it perfect for those times when they need a break from   walking or are feeling anxious.
 You need sling if your dog is small and can not keep up with your   pace as well or just gets tired easily.
 There are so many reasons.. you don’t have it already?
 Keep in mind that you should pick a sling that is suitable for your   height, allows for proper weight distribution and that there is no   pressure on your neck and back.
 And try it out at home before going out, so your best friend can   get used to it :).

Wheeled Carriers

I know what you are saying.. “But Doglorious, what about us who have more dogs? Should we get two slings? Or one dog in backpack carrier and another in sling? I don’t find that very practical Doglorious!!”
I don’t find that very practical neither, so I will give you one idea which you could take into consideration.
Wheeled carriers! I’m hilarious indeed.
Joking aside, this could be very useful in this scenario.

Wheeled carriers come in handy when you have a larger dog, when you need to carry more than one dog or you just don’t want to carry any dogs.
Wheels make these carriers easy to maneuver, and it’s especially useful for dogs who have injuries or disabilities that bother them while walking.
Or it could be that your friend is just too senior and may not have the strength or energy to walk long distances. The carrier allows them to rest while you push them around, making it a win-win situation for both of you.

Some wheeled carriers also come with adjustable straps that allow you to convert them into a backpack carrier. This option is especially useful when you encounter stairs or uneven terrain.

I do understand that these carriers are not visually appealing, but if your situation checks any of our “usefulness” boxes, you can consider this type of carriers.

Dog Strollers

When I look at dog stroller first association that comes to mind is “A parent with a baby”.
What an immense love one has to have for his pet to push him in a stroller.
But that’s just me, let’s talk about wether it’s just love, or there is more to it when it comes to this type of carrier.

Doglorious dog stroller

 On a first sight, there is not much difference between dog stroller   and a wheeled carrier.. after all, both of those are “wheeled carrier”.
 But on a second thought, there are some differences which show   that one could make a great case on a topic “Is dog stroller a good   idea? :).
 For example, dog stroller is much more practical for dog owners   who mobility issues, there is a storage on a stroller which is very   practical.
 Another benefit is that dog is in front of you, not behind you,   which  is a bit more reassuring.
 And in the end, it’s just so entertaining and cute to see his head   looking out from the stroller, so watch out, do NOT get a stroller if   you don’t want curious crowd around you.

Keep in mind that not every dog enjoys stroller ride, and although almost all strollers are foldable, you still need to store them somewhere.
They are pretty small, so it should not be a problem, but still.. don’t say Doglorious didn’t warn you!

Dog Backpack

This post was all about us finding ways to carry our pals, but I had a change of heart and in this last section we will talk about backpacks for our dogs.
Yes people, our companions can carry their load as well, and it can be extremely beneficial.

First and foremost, it allows your dog to carry their own important, freeing up space in your own backpack. So smart, I bet you did not think of this. But, you know that toy is that important, he needs it!
Now real stuff.. a dog backpack can help build your dog’s confidence – they’ll feel like they’re participating in the trip, rather than just along for the ride. They are always happy to help their hooooman.
So even if your dog is small, put empty backpack on his back and watch him march forward!
It’s a great workout as well, they will get stronger, more muscular and that can give him a longer and healthier life.

Be sure that your dog is capable of carrying his load and manage that properly. Also, it’s crucial that weight is well distributed!
Rule of thumb is that with each new trip, backpack can be a little bit heavier.


Dog carriers come in different sizes, shapes, and styles and there is so much to choose from.
What I really want you to remember is, carriers are a handy tool, not a substitution for your dog outdoor activities.
Socialising, running, walking, playing should be present in your dogs every day routine, and those activities don’t go hand in hand with dog carriers.
With great item comes great responsibility so use it wisely!
Stay in touch with Doglorious Boutique and see you soon :).

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